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Monday, January 20, 2014

Preventing College Student Suicide

Dr. Deborah Taub, Professor in UNCG's Teacher Education and Higher Education Department, recently co-edited Preventing College Student Suicide: New Directions for Student Services, Number 141.  She is also a co-author of several of the chapters included in the book, which focuses on the growing problem of student suicide on college campuses across the country and preventative measures that can be implemented by administrators, advisers, and other student services professionals. 

"The book begins with a general overview of the problem, reviews possible approaches to the issue, then looks more closely at specific target populations, before ending with a discussion of post-suicide intervention options" (Dr. Christine R. Cook).  "Chapter topics include gatekeeper training, peer education, diversity, LGBT issues, postvention, college student suicide, and the public health approach to suicide prevention" (Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)).  "One of the most beneficial aspects of the book is the reference to various suicide prevention materials. There is a helpful table of resources in chapter 2, a web link for a multicultural suicide prevention kit in chapter 6, and an example of a post-suicide intervention protocol in chapter 7. The final chapter ends with a list of website resources including the Jed Foundation and the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, which are referenced throughout the book" (Dr. Christine R. Cook).

"Since 2005, 138 colleges and universities have received funding under the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act to develop and implement campus suicide prevention programs" (Wiley/Jossey-Bass).  Each chapter in the book was written by Garrett Lee Smith (GLS) grantee authors, and both Deborah Taub and her co-editor, Jason Robertson are also GLS grantees.  "This volume highlights successful strategies implemented by grantee campuses, [and] these approaches can serve as models to address student suicide and prevention on other campuses" (Wiley/Jossey-Bass).