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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Public Investments in Energy Technology by Albert Link

Professor Albert Link, Economics, has recently published Public Investments in Energy Technology, a book that, according to its publisher, "addresses the social importance of new energy technologies, illustrates policy-relevant applications of evaluation techniques and proposes new perspectives for a US energy investment strategy."  

Link and his fellow authors, "through detailed examples related to solar, geothermal, and vehicle technologies . . . outline the need for robust evaluation methods to document social returns to taxpayers' R&D investments. They argue that such evaluations are necessary for the public sector to make rational decisions about the allocation of its scares resources. The evaluation methods considered involve developing alternative technology and market pathways from which the benefits of government research can be measured. Researchers and graduate students, policy makers involved in energy technology, and energy R&D program managers will all find much of value in this important and timely book."  

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