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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Advancing Your Career: Getting and Making the Most of Your Doctorate

Emeritus Professor Dale Brubaker, Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations, recently published Advancing Your Career: Getting and Making the Most of Your Doctorate, a book co-authored with his son, Michael Brubaker.

Advancing Your Career is appropriate for the reader considering applying to graduate school, to the student in the midst of assistantships and exams, to the researcher embarking on a dissertation, to the newly-minted Ph.D, to the graduate professor advising a new crop of students. The book provides a road map of what to expect and advice on how to navigate issues such as selecting a committee and "The 'Table Manners' of Doctoral Student Leadership."

John Hattie, Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute, University of Melbourne, calls Advancing Your Career "the book that all doctoral students, advisors, and supervisors need to read to know what to do next. It maximizes the fun and worthwhile aspects of completing the thesis and degree while remaining realistic to the fact that it may not all be a bed of roses. The authors helped me hear the voices of the students--the caring striving, thriving, and surviving.

Ronald Williamson, Professor of Educational Leadership, Eastern Michigan University, notes "It's about time someone had the courage to talk about the joys and the challenges of doctoral study. In Advancing Your Career the discussion is open, honest, and takes the mystery out of the process. It also provides students with a set of tools they can use to reflect on their own experience. The ability to critique your own work and to maneuver through the politics of the doctorate are important to your skill as a researcher. That's exactly why Advancing Your Career is such an important addition to the literature."

Blaire Cholewa, Assistant Professor of Counselor Education, Kean University, says that "Brubaker and Brubaker have created a wonderful, detailed map that simplifies and demystifies the often grueling journey of obtaining a doctorate. This book provides invaluable information and insight for every step of the doctoral process and gives readers an honest account of the hurdles to come as well as provides them with the tools to prevail. I only wish such a book had existed to help me navigate my own doctoral journey."

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