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Friday, December 2, 2011

What to do with data--new book by Lynda Kellam

UNCG's University Libraries are fortunate to have data services librarian Lynda Kellam on hand to guide students, staff, and faculty through the ever-growing world of numeric data resources. The World Bank and other NGOs and government agencies have opened up tremendous amounts of data on climate change, nutrition, education, and much much more, and at UNCG, our researchers can turn to Kellam to navigate the numbers. But smaller libraries typically are unable to employ data experts. That's where Kellam's Numeric Data Services and Sources for the General Reference Librarian comes to the rescue. Numeric Data Services provides librarians everywhere the tools they need to develop data services. As London School of Economics and Political Science Data Manager Tanvi Desai blogs,

"This guidebook serves as a primer to developing and supporting social science statistical and numeric data sources in the academic library. It provides strategies for the establishment of data services and offers short descriptions of the essential sources of free and commercial social science statistical and numeric data. Finally, it discusses the future of numeric data services, including the integration of statistics and data into library instruction and the use of Web 2.0 tools to visualize data."

To learn more about Kellam's research and how to incorporate statistics into library instruction, listen as Kellam sits down with the creators of Adventures in Library Instruction.

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