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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Early Modern Women on the Fall: An Anthology

Dr. Michelle Dowd (English) co-edited the recent book, Early Modern Women on the Fall: An Anthology (Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies). It is a collection of works by women in early modern England that consider the biblical Fall as it relates to other concepts that were central to their society, such as women’s education and status.

In the introduction, Professor Dowd and her co-editor Thomas Festa ask "Why focus exclusively on women writers' responses to the Fall? One important reason has to do with problems of access.  Male positions on the Fall from this period have for many generations been widely published in numerous collections and editions.  Ultimately our goal is emphatically not to re-segregate women's writing from men's writing or to replace one with the other but, on the contrary, to encourage that these texts be read in conjunction with male-authored texts from the period, such as Paradise Lost."

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