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Friday, March 15, 2013

Leading Technology-Rich Schools

In December, 2012, Guilford County Schools received a $30 million grant for technology in the classroom.  In this context, Professor Barbara Levin's (Teacher Education and Higher Education) new book, Leading Technology-Rich Schools, is especially timely.  Through eight case studies, the book, as the publisher describes, "shows how award-winning secondary schools and districts are successfully using technology and making systemic changes to increase student engagement, improve achievement, and re-invigorate the teaching and learning process. Through in-depth case studies, we see how experienced school and district leaders use technology in curricular, administrative, and analytical ways to meet the needs of 21st-century learners, educators, and communities. These cases reveal important details addressed by the leadership of these schools and districts that go beyond what they did with technology to include changes in school culture, curriculum and teaching, uses of assessment data, financial considerations, infrastructure, and involvement with the community."

One reviewer notes that "These rich illustrations of technology leadership in secondary schools show how a number of complex variables must come together to produce the key outcome of positioning educational technology as a support to teaching and learning. Examples of leadership practices that coordinate team members for interdependent work and invite teachers' involvement should prove to be a valuable resource to practitioners and also provide insight to policymakers for how they can create supportive conditions for such work.”

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