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Thursday, April 12, 2012

But Don't Call Me White

Assistant Professor Silvia C. Bettez's is part of UNCG's Department of Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations. Her website explains that Dr. Bettez's "dissertation research project explores the life stories of sixteen adult mixed race women who have one white parent and one parent who is a person of color." She further explores this topic in the book But Don't Call Me White: Mixed Race Women Exposing Nuances of Privilege and Oppression Politics.

The publisher's website states "Silvia Bettez exposes hidden nuances of privilege and oppression related to multiple positionalites associated with race, class, gender and sexuality. These women are “secret agent insiders” to cultural Whiteness who provide unique insights and perspectives that emerge through their mixed race lenses.  Much of what the participants share is never revealed in mixed – White/of color – company.  Although critical of racial power politics and hierarchies, these women were invested in cross-cultural connections and revealed key insights that can aid all in understanding how to better communicate across lines of cultural difference."

The library has this work available both as a print book and as an e-book.

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