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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Clarence John Laughlin: An Artist with a Camera

The Documentary Channel says the film Clarence John Laughlin: An Artist with a Camera "chronicles the life of one of America's most significant and enigmatic visual artists. A philosopher, architectural preservationist and an early surrealist, his photography and writing documented the cultural and spiritual landscape of 20th Century America."

It also explains that "Laughlin was an irascible character, an under recognized artist, and an artistic genius. He struggled against the prejudice that was directed toward Southern artists of his day, and was ostracized for using techniques that were not readily accepted by the dominating photographic hierarchy. His legacy is a remarkable body of work that is a testament to an artist who relentlessly drove himself to achieve his dreams. Today, his 17,000 master prints are considered to be one of the most important archives in American photography."

Associate Professor/Director of Graduate Studies Michael Frierson, from the Department of Media Studies, was one of the directors and producers of this film. Jackson Library has both an instructional DVD copy and one that is available to be checked out.  More information about the film can be found at the website for Michael Murphy Productions Inc.

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